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Continued expansion: MV WERFTEN Fertigmodule acquires additional warehouse space

Continued expansion: MV WERFTEN Fertigmodule acquires additional warehouse space

The company signed a purchase agreement today with the Hanseatic city of Wismar to purchase land for a new warehouse, adding 6,000 square meters of space to house more than 300 prefabricated cruise ship cabins.

Wismar, 06. March 2018 | Space for hundreds of cruise ship cabins: MV WERFTEN Fertigmodule continues to invest in its location here, having just acquired a roughly two-hectare plot of land from the Hanseatic City of Wismar. A corresponding purchase agreement for the property, which lies adjacent to the factory premises, was signed today by Jarmo Laakso and Joachim Hagemann - Managing Directors at MV WERFTEN Fertigmodule Property GmbH - as well as Wismar’s mayor, Thomas Beyer, and Senator Heike Bansemer.

The company will build a new warehouse at a total cost of four million Euros. At approximately 83 meters long and 76 meters wide, the warehouse will create space for over 300 ship cabins. The cabins will be stored on three levels of custom-designed racking. Construction on the warehouse will begin in June, with commissioning scheduled for December.

The new cabin storage facility will add 6,000 square meters to MV WERFTEN Fertigmodule’s existing logistics space, more than doubling it for a total of 10,000 square meters. “With the new warehouse, we can keep our cabins in stock, thereby making series production and distribution as efficient and flexible as possible,” explains Johannes Gößler, Managing Director of MV WERFTEN Fertigmodule.

The production of the training cabins is currently moving ahead at full speed. The first fully pre-equipped ship cabins - crew cabins for the expedition yacht “Crystal Endeavor” - will be delivered this summer. In addition, the company will manufacture passenger and crew cabins for the Global Class cruise ships as well as residential modules for the MV WERFTEN accommodation facility at Alter Holzhafen in Wismar.

MV WERFTEN Fertigmodule currently employs around 90 people, with plans to increase the number of staff to 200 in the long term. The company is still seeking skilled workers in the areas of production, construction, logistics, and project management; interested parties can obtain information and submit an application at