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With our new online supplier registration, an easy-to-use tool, you have the opportunity to apply as a supplier for MV WERFTEN.

Step 1: Please fill out the master data fields, including information on your company and a main contact person.

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Supplier Registration

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Please choose which services your company offers. After the activation of individual points, they continue to fan out. Please specify your performance portfolio as precisely as possible and deposit corresponding documents, which represent the respective services....

  • Components and products
      • consumables for copiyng machines and plotter
      • Contracts, specifications work, general design, model testing
      • IT Hard- & Software
      • Stationary
      • service contracts
      • Quality assurance, general work, models
        • Fire guard, supervision, watch keeping
        • clearing and cleaning
        • Cable cutting
        • full scale models, photographs, albums
      • Transportation
      • Provisional Rigging
        • scaffolding
        • Prov. electric power, Lightning and machinery
        • Provisional steam, water, heating and ventilation plants
      • Work in connection with ways, launching and docking
      • Fuel and lube oil
      • Disposal of waste/garbage
      • Miscellaneous project specific works and servicees
      • General consumption articles
        • Electrodes
        • Technical gases, oxygen
        • Tools and jigs
        • Miscellaneous consumption articles and small parts storage
    • HULL
      • Material protection, external
        • Material protection
        • Storage paint
        • Galvanizing, nickel-plating, etc. of misc. components
        • External cathodic protection
        • Antifouling
      • Steel Shipbuilding, Foundations
      • Shipbuilding material plates, profiles
      • Sand-/gritblasting, shop-priming, rolling and cleaning of materials
      • X-ray and ultrasonic testing of hull parts
      • Cast parts
      • Hull and deckhouse markings
      • Hull and house markings
      • Foundations
      • Fender and wear bars, ice fins, bilge keels, air cushion arr.
      • Hawse pipes
      • hydraulic works
      • Burning, Chiselling and grinding for backwelds
      • Coating
      • Hatches and ports
        • Smaller hatches, grain hatches, manhole covers
        • Bow port, stern ports, side ports
      • Special cargo handling equipment
        • Cargo lifts
        • Self loaders, Screw transporters, conveyor belts
      • Deck cranes for cargo
        • Rotating cranes with crane pillars
        • Travelling traverse cranes with rails
      • Masts and derrick posts
      • Reefer container sockets
      • Manoeuvring Machinery and equipment
        • Dynamic positioning system
      • Navigation and searching equipment
        • Radio-, navigation- and communication equipment
        • Radar plants
        • DECCA, LORAN, OMEGA, radio direction finder
        • Gyro plants, autopilots, compasses
        • Unterwater seaching equipment, ASDIC, echo sounder, speed log
        • Clinometers, trim indicators, load indicators
        • Navigation TV
        • Clocks, facsimile recorders, misc. nautical equipment
        • Radar, signal, observation and antenna masts
        • Integrated Navigation systems
      • Communication equipment
      • Anchoring, mooring and towing equipment
        • Anchors with chains and equipment
        • Comb. windlass & mooring winches w. chain stoppers, rollers
        • Fixed mooring equipment
        • Loose mooring equipment
      • Lifting and transport equipment for machinery components
        • Travelling crane and lifting equipment in engine room, etc.
      • Special equipment
        • ROV / sub marine handling system
        • Environmental protection equipment
      • Side thrusters
      • Stabilizers
      • Machine tools, cutting and welding equipment
      • Garbage disposal mobil - Containers; Sueezing machines
      • clamps and foundations for spare parts
      • Signs and Labels
      • Entertainment System - Theatre Stage Rigging
      • Entertainment System - Foundations
      • Lifesaving, protection and medical equipment
        • Life rafts with equipment
        • Lifesaving, safety and emergency equipment
        • medical and dental equipment, medicines and first-aid equipment
        • loose fire fighting apparatuses and equipment, firemen's suit
      • Insulation, panels, bulkheads, doors, sidescuttles, skylights
        • Accommodation deckhouse
        • Insulation, partition bulkheads, panelling, wallpaper
        • Doors with coamings in accommodation
        • Other internal doors with coamings
        • watertight sliding doors
        • Balcony-sliding doors
        • External doors with coamings, etc.
        • Side scuttles and windows with equipment
        • Skylights with equipment
      • Internal deck covering, ladders, steps, railings etc.
        • Internal ladders, steps, railings
        • Deck base covering, internal
        • Internal deck top covering (Linoleum, carpet, tiles, parquet etc.)
        • Loose floor plates, platforms, steps & ladders in accommodation
        • Floor plates, loose, ladders, platforms in eng. & pump rooms
      • Ext. deck covering, steps and ladders, fore & aft, gangway
        • External deck covering
        • External wood decks
        • Handrails, railings and rail gates
        • External platforms, steps, ladders, gratings with equipment
        • Awnings with equipment
        • Deck tables and chairs
        • Swimming Pools/Pool technik
        • Balcony modules, Balcony diving walls
      • Furniture, inventory and entertainment equipment
        • Furniture for crew, standard furniture
        • Office equipment and spec furnitures in wheelhouse, chart- and radio room
        • Bed clothes and matresses
        • Decorations, Figureheads
        • Hobby, sports and entertainment equipment
        • Inventory, smaller items
      • Galley and pantry equipment, provision plants, laundry/ironing equip.
        • Galley machinery
        • Galley and pantry equipment for preparation and serving
        • Cafeteria plant with equipment, Buffet counter, Bar counter, Beverage system, drink dispensing system
        • Freezing and refrigerating systems for provision
        • insulation, lining and battening in provision rooms, doors, ports
        • bulkheads, bins, shelves, racks, etc. in provision rooms
        • Insulation drying system for provision rooms
        • ironing and drying equipment, laundry
      • Transport equipment for crew, passengers and provisions
        • Lifting and transport equipment for crew and provisions
        • Personal lifts, elavators
        • Food and linen lifts
        • Shore gangways with davits, etc. , landing booms
        • Miscellaneous conveyance equipment
        • Hellicpter platforms with equipment
      • Ventilation, air-conditioning and heating system
        • HVAC generally
        • Ventilation, air-conditioning systems
      • Passenger vessel cabins and public rooms
        • Passenger - interior public areas
      • Sanitary supply plants - drinking and technical water
      • Sanitary discharge plant, sewage treatment plant and vacuum supply plant
      • Bathtubs, bidets, shower cabinets, WCs, washbasins
      • High pressure washing systems
    • Ship propulsion plants and diesel generator sets
      • Ship propulsion plants
        • Diesel engines
        • Steam engins with condencers
        • turbine propulsion plants
        • main condensers
        • steam engins with condensers
        • Electric generators/el. motor plants etc.
        • Emergency diesel aggregates
      • Other types of propulsion plants
        • Fan plants, waterjet pump plants with nozzles
        • Special propulsion aggregates
      • Azipods and ship propellers
        • Fixed propeller plant including nozzles
        • Controllable pitch propeller plant
        • azipods
        • Spare propellers
        • (Reduction-) gears with thrust bearing and couplings
        • Central gears (joint auxiliary gear, not for propulsion)
      • Boiler plants
        • Auxiliary boiler, steam
        • Exhaust gas boilers
        • Steam converters
        • Thermal oil boilers
        • Gas generator LNG
      • Other agg. and gen. for main and emergency el. power prod.
        • Steam turbo aggregates
        • Harbour and emergency aggregates with equipment
      • plants and components for fuel preparation
        • Fuel oil unit, pumps, heat exchanger
        • Fuel oil separators, pumps, heat exchangers
        • Booster units, pumps and heat-exchangers
        • Sludge separators, pumps, heat exchangers
      • Lube oil units
        • Lube oil purification plants
      • Cooling and fresh water plants
        • Sea water cooling systems and components, pipes, heat exchangers
        • Fresh water and cooling systems and components, pipes heat echangers, filters
        • Heat recovery system, pipes, heat exchangers
      • Compressed air systems
        • Starting air cmpressors and air cylinders
        • working air compressors, air cylinders and dryers
        • Quick closing plant
      • Exhaust systems and air intakes
        • Exhaust gas systems for main machinery without pipes)
      • Steam, condensate and feed water systems
      • Distilled and make-up water systems
        • seawater evaporator and osmosis plants
      • Automation systems for machinery
        • Manoeuvre consoles, main consoles
        • Common autom. equipment, engine room alarm system
        • Automatisierungsausr. Antr.-masch. und -übertragung, Maschinentelegraf
        • Automation equipment for other machinery components
      • Pipeline systems
      • Pipes
      • Ballast and bilge systems, gutter pipes outside accommodation
        • Valves
        • Ballast water treatment systems, pumps
        • Heating coils in ballast tanks
        • Bilge systems
        • Deck draining
        • Electrical trace heating
      • Fire & lifeboat alarm-, fire fighting- wash down systems
        • Fire detection, fire and lifeboat alarm systems
        • Emergency shutdown system
        • Firefighting valves
        • Fire fighting systems with gas (CO2, halon and similar)
        • Fire fighting systems with foam
        • Local fire fighting system
        • Fire fighting systems with powder
        • Fire fighting systems with other agents
      • Special common hydraulic oil systems
        • Special common hydraulic oil systems
        • Remote controlled valve plants (pneu., hydr., electr.)
      • Electrical Systems, General Part
        • Common computer systems
      • Electrical power supply
        • Generators
        • Transformers
        • Batteries and chargers
      • Electrical distribution common systems
        • Switchgear
        • Main switchboards
        • Distribution panels and boards
      • Electrical cable installation
        • Cable, general
      • Electric consumer systems
        • Electrical lighting systems for engine and boiler-room
        • electric lighting systems in accommodation
        • electric lighting for cargo holds and deck
      • Compensators
      • flexibale expansion joints
  • Temporary employment agencies
  • Turnkey
    • Electric packages
    • HVAC
    • Interior
      • Crew cabins
      • Crew Cabins Corridors
      • Crew Corridors and Stairs
      • Galley & Bars
      • Guest & Crue Public
      • Guest Suites
      • Laundry
      • Luxury Suites
      • Provision Area
      • Restaurants
      • Wellness & Reception
  • Yard internal repairs and maintenanceintern

At the same time, we are dealers and manufacturers in the specified service areas.

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